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Our work in The Delta

The Arkansas Delta is where our heart beats. We're passionately diving into its unique challenges, with a spotlight on Education, Poverty, and Health. Join us on this journey!

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The Delta is home to some of the nations largest education gaps. These educational challenges are closely associated with the post-education opportunities offered in the region. A4A is drawing together: city leaders, local community leaders, and state-federal resources in an effort to provide after-school tutoring and mentoring for underperforming students within the Arkansas Delta region.

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The Delta's economic challenges have deep roots, spanning generations. A4A is uniting community leaders and tapping into state and federal resources to create streamlined pathways for underserved individuals to secure higher-paying industry certifications or further their education. Imagine a central hub with dedicated professionals guiding you towards a brighter financial future. Moreover, A4A is leading an effort to restore abandoned, hazardous properties, reigniting the heart of our communities.


The Delta faces pressing health disparities, from prevalent cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure to the prevailing stigma around mental health. A4A is passionately exploring these issues, uniting experts and leaders to craft groundbreaking solutions for our community's holistic health. Furthermore, A4A is actively developing avenues to boost access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

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