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Volunteering is one of the most significant ways you can more directly contribute to the nationwide, community based efforts of Americans For Action, no matter what age you are! We believe that our nation is made of a series of communities, and we hold dearly that the best way to begin helping a community is to listen to the individual people who comprise it. To connect with someone on how you can help at any stage of our efforts click below.

Other Ways to Work With Us


We provide students who have a passion for getting involved a unique and valuable internship opportunity. From learning on the ground civic engagement to data analytical methods we work personally with you to understand where your passions and skillsets overlap to create the most wholesome, fun, and rewarding internships most students will never be able to say they had! Click below to sign up for more updates on internships for high school and college students.


Our third pillar is bringing together scholars, experts, other organizations and everyday citizens to strategize and deliver informed action to communities around the nation. Alone we are nearly powerless but when working together not even the sky is the limit. Click below to reach out so we can best discover how we can best partner.

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