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For Immediate Release
July 29th 2023



Americans for Action (A4A), the organization committed to pushing for fair opportunity and representation across all communities, is excited to announce ambitious plans to develop an innovative mobile app designed to building bridges between citizens and their elected officials.

This user-friendly app will act as a personal tool, making it easier for people to understand changes in policy, learn about their representative's work, and share their views directly with them. Picture it like a personal poll-  where each American can share their thoughts on community issues and the necessary policy changes to address them. With your support of this app, the era of limited poll sampling ends, and every American gets a voice. In short, it's about connecting you directly to those who shape your community.

"Our vision is for every citizen to have easy access to the process of bettering their community, understanding the impact of legislation, and having a say in the direction of their communities," said Malik Barnes, Executive Director at A4A. We're inviting community groups, socially responsible corporations, and individuals like you to join us in our mission to bridge gaps with this initiative.

If you're interested in playing a role in the future of civic engagement, we encourage you to reach out to us. We're more than happy to provide additional information about the progress on the project, discuss partnership opportunities, and address any questions you might have. With your support, we can bring this groundbreaking vision to life, taking a significant stride towards making sure each American's voice is heard.

Americans For Action Press Team

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