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About Us

We're dedicated to tackling community challenges, advocating for equal opportunities and promoting fair progress across all U.S. communities-especially those underserved and marginalized.

We begin by actively listening to local residents and leaders, striving for a comprehensive understanding of these challenges.  We then foster engagement by collaborating with locals to pinpoint effective solutions and organize community events. Lastly, we unite experts, public service groups, and local leaders to successfully implement lasting solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of Americans for Action is to narrow the divide between decision-makers and community members, ensuring that every voice is heard and actions taken genuinely reflect community needs. We unite experts, citizens, and leaders to address and resolve community challenges nationwide.

Meet Our Executive Director

Malik Barnes was born and raised in The Arkansas Delta where he then went on to graduate from The Arkansas School of Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts. He then pursued his Bachelors Degree from Wabash College in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. In May of 2023 he graduated and began his commitment to bettering communities around the nation. Barnes has a strong passion for strategizing to solve real world issues and the sustainable implementation of solutions. Some of his focuses include Economic and Community Development, where he enjoys investigating the root causes of issues and assembling the people necessary to bring about real change. His optimistic vision of the future and deep belief in the American Project fuels the civic emphasis on the well-being of all people held by the organization.

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